Marriage Preparation Course

We both knew we were going to get married. It was obvious. To us the next obvious thing to do, was to create a really solid foundation for our future together, by making sure we had God in our lives, every step of the way. Whilst we had spoken about every conceivable difference, future goal, expectation and opinion, we decided to do a pre-marital course. We had heard so many good things.RiversideCommunityChurch

Why am I telling you this? Because it is the absolute best thing we could have ever done. They should be compulsory! Even if you are not a Christian, the information in the course is invaluable.

The pastor of Riverside Community Church asked a couple who were members of the church to be our mentors. We met with them once a week for 7 weeks, as we worked through this course material (by PJ & Ashleigh Smyth) and spoke frankly through every topic. It focuses on many things like finance, what is expected of each other in the home and career wise, children, holidays, long term future goals, sex, religion, handling conflict, our differences, communication, soul ties and the 5 love languages.You even have to do homework, putting pen to paper! Another excuse to sit down together with a nespresso!

MarriagepreparationcourseYou can buy the Marriage Course Workbook, as well as The Marriage Book, both by Nicky & Sila Lee, on Amazon.

You can also visit Relationship Central to find a Marriage Preparation, Marriage, Parenting Children, or Parenting Teenagers course near you. Over 6,000 courses running in 123 countries, in 45 languages! They must be good!

  • September 2015 – We are about to do the Marriage course with Riverside. Our pastor is doing a great series called Modern Family on marriage, relationships and family.  You can listen online here.

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