Great Blog- Out & About

I have discovered yet another fab blog; Out & About with the Nottens.  There are certainly many nights of bed time reading for me here!  It is about a South African family, traveling with their children (all 4 of them!), through the wilderness of South Africa.  All 6 of them with a 4×4 camper trailer exploring all the beauty that this country has to offer whilst homeschooling their kids!

”We explored 27 different wild regions and National Parks throughout all 9 provinces, covering a distance of 11500 km in 42 days. We traveled with a 4 x 4 tent trailer and camped at most destinations. Having young kids made it an extra special challenge. Olivia is 7 years old, Grace & Harriet are twin girls of 5 and Jack is a 2 years old boy.”

They have done a 42 day trip around South Africa, click on the image to read more.


According to their Facebook page they are now heading to KwaZulu Natal, and I am dying to hear where they go and what they discover, as this is our stomping ground!

So it just goes to show, you certainly don’t need to stop living when you have little ones.  This family is creating the most amazing memories whilst being an absolute inspiration to us all, with and without kids.


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