FGASA Level 1 Nature Training

I absolutely love the game reserve, not just for the Big 5, but for everything; the birds, the trees, the reptiles, all of it!

Over a year ago my cousin told me how her daughter was nearing completion of her FGASA training, and I was intrigued! I have heard of so many people doing this and it suddenly occurred to me that I could do it, not as a career, but just for self development.

So yesterday I went along to FGASA in Randburg, paid my membership fee and got my workbook and manuals for Level 1. I haven’t studied since doing my matric in 2000, so this is going to be interesting!

The FGASA Level 1 syllabus includes the following modules:

Guiding in the natural environment and Creating a guided experience
Weather and Climate
Plants – Trees and Grasses
Animal Behaviour
Conservation Management
Historical Human Habitation

There are a various ways of getting your FGASA qualifications, either through distance learning or full/part time training.

There is an online option doing it via Africa Nature Training, this costs R3850 (£214). They offer an optional 2 week practical which costs just under R30k.

Because this is just for self interest, I am choosing the cheapest basic option; buying the workbooks direct from FGASA. I paid R1260, and this included the FGASA membership, registration, manuals and workbooks for Level 1. You can take as long as you like to do it too, which suits me down to the ground!

+27 11 886 8245
343 Surrey Avenue, 5th Floor East Wing, Petrob House, Ferndale, Gauteng

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