Be inspired by Girl with Cake

Last week a friend liked a post on Facebook which caught my eye, it was about Girl with Cake Thank you Jenna, or else I may have never felt as inspired as I do right now.

This lady, Nerine Gardiner, bakes special cakes, and delivers them, along with a Blessings Bag to homeless people as well as, and I quote from her Facebook page: “nurses, parents and children in hospitals, to children in orphanages, to people working as car guards, security guards, street sweepers, gardeners, domestic workers, builders and recyclers, to people going through loss and pain, to people who inspire.” The Blessings Bag, as she calls it, contains various items, for example a blanket, warm clothes, tins of food, toiletries, toys, and little luxuries.

She wants people to feel loved and special, and that is why she isn’t just giving them the basic necessities.  I think it is beyond wonderful what she is doing.  Like her page on Facebook or follow her Girl with Cake blog or twitter account.  She posts the pictures and stories of what she is up to, so that she can inspire more people.  I see this week she has posted on her Facebook page that she has received criticism for what she is doing. I figure, if any of us are doing something a bit different, no matter how big or small, or for whatever reason, tell each other about it, this is the only way we can inspire each other.

I just freaking love it!  I am not as brave as her to actually go out and find out peoples stories, but I am going to try do a little something different. I, like majority of us, keep a pile of change in the car that I hand out at robots and for car guards. After about 3 or 4 handouts in a day, I sit at the 5th robot trying not to make eye contact with someone pleading for money, because I have either run out of change or I am having one of those days where, to be quite honest, I just feel a bit gatvol of dishing out. Especially as in most of these cases, spare change is really not going to help them, probably quite the opposite.

So I am going to put together some bags similar to Girl with Cake, along with a bag of mixed goodies, and hand those out instead.  Small things, but probably better than small change.

Let’s all try to ‘be the change we wish to see in the world’.

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