Travelling with God

When I first started my little blog, I wrote about my experiences as I started going to church and also our marriage preparation course. Well, time for an update.

It has been about 10 months since we did the marriage preparation course and 3 months since I became a Black 😂. This joke will never die it seems, mainly amongst black people, and mainly at passport control, which is awesome. “Eh you are Black, but you are a white”

In the beginning, I did wonder if the active Christian route was something I would go off and lose interest in. I realised all my doubts about being a Christian were unfounded. Being a Christian doesn’t mean you have to stop the fun stuff and be boring. Nobody is perfect, and I think that is all part of being a Christian, learning how to deal with our own and others imperfections. Accepting, forgiving and loving ourselves as well as each other. We still do things we probably shouldn’t; tell rude jokes, drink too much, swear way too much. We all have pasts, we all have imperfections, we all have a story.


Everything we learnt through our marriage preparation course is still proving to be totally flipping invaluable. The way we deal with the stresses of daily life, our differences and our interactions. It still amazes me how simple it all is, and how I could have saved years of what I will just describe as ‘extreme unrest’, not only in my own life, but in those around me.

I probably shouldn’t, but whenever I see or hear of people having troubles, big and small, I find it so hard not to shout out – “Do the flipping marriage course!!!” Don’t get me wrong, please, I’m not judging, because I’ve been there, it’s only because I want everyone to be able to have the insight to just be able to see things a bit differently, which gives you the strength to just breathe and let it go, or deal with it lovingly and calmly. Although, I have to be honest and say that this succeeds approximately 90% of the time, for me, and about 98% of the time for my husband. Mainly because he is a much calmer, level headed person than me! But 90% is awesome, especially considering it probably used to be about 35.7%!  So this is a definite win, especially for my husband!

Church has also taken more of a priority, we have quit our unbelievably lame excuses of it being too far to drive and taking up too much of a Sunday. We love it, it is such a warm, friendly church and we have decided to join a small home group which meets in the week. I’m feeling a little apprehensive about that, I still stand rather quietly in the back row at church with my hands in my pockets, so it is going to be awesome to get out of my comfort zone and interact more.

So all in all, this area of life is still growing, in fits and starts, but definitely growing.


  1. Way to go Colleen! Love this article – I concur 100%! With God in your life everything makes much more sense. If Christianity is summed up in one statement it would be “Do to others what you want them to do to you.” If you live like this you can only be happier, more content, and have more fun giving, and getting a kick out of it!

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  2. I’ve just arrived in my home (Joburg South) from Bea Johnson’s event. It seems that you were the one who brought her here. So, first of all: thank you. Reading your blog I found out you are also a christian. For me zero waste is very connected with how God wants to take care of nature. I told this to Bea today. I will keep in touch since I just started this new journey. God bless you!


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