Door of Hope – Adopt-a-Cot Fund

Door of HopeSince they began, Door of Hope has saved over 1550 babies. In greater Johannesburg alone, at least 3 babies are abandoned every day!

I am not running, walking, climbing or jumping off anything.  I am not shaving my hair off, going without make up or tipping icy water over myself.  I just hope to encourage and challenge friends, family and anyone I might not even know to donate to this project via GivenGain! It is such a worthy cause.

My birthday is in August, and so instead of gifts, I will suggest that friends & family to donate to this cause, assuming they were going to give me a pressie anyway! 😉  If your birthday is coming up, maybe you could do the same? I wish I had thought of this for our wedding!

The cost of one cot per month is R2500; approx £140, 200USD, 300NZD or 270AUD.

With the exchange rate at just over 18, those with pounds can make a huge difference for quite a small donation.

If ten British people donate £14, that could cover the cost of one cot for a baby for one month. How many pints or cappuccinos a month is that? 🙂

The Door of Hope Mission
“We aim to rescue and receive any abandoned, aborted, abused and orphaned babies and children from any source in cooperation with other agencies. To provide a temporary Christian home for all our babies and children whilst seeking a forever family, suitable long term foster care or other permanent care for each one.”

There are many ways you can help the Door of Hope. They are looking for local volunteers in Gauteng, not just to work with the babies, but to assist with handy man work, gardening and fundraising.  They are also able to take international volunteers to work with the babies, volunteers with and without nursing experience are required.  Thinking of a gap year, career break or alternative holiday? You could also pledge your birthday and instead of unnecessary presents, how about the warm glow of knowing what a difference you are making to a babies life and future.

Maybe you won’t make a donation through my page now, maybe nobody will!  But I hope that this at least spreads the word; please do tell your colleagues, friends and family about Door of Hope and the good work they are doing.

We are all quite quick to buy a round of drinks on a night out, how about a round of donations?!

If you or your business would like to make a donation, it is quite easy – just click here, and you will be taken to GivenGain where you can donate via your bank account or credit/debit card, and the money will then go directly to Door of Hope.

Spread the love and generosity folks!

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