DVO app: God-inspired daily devotions

Having God as such a big part of my life is very new to me, but very fulfilling and actually exciting as I learn more and grow in my relationship with God. This faith has made such a huge difference to my outlook, my relationships and my attitude in every day life. A year ago I never imagined I would hear myself say that, let alone put it in a blog post!

The daily devotions by Gary Chapman I have been doing with my husband have been great, but recently he went away on a work trip and I missed not only that time my husband, but also time to focus on God’s word. I then discovered DVOapp, which has beautiful typographic verses and quotes, along with a short write up expanding on them. Having someone explaining it and giving real life examples makes it so much easier for me to relate to, rather than just reading the Bible verse.

You get 30 days free and then you can sign up for either R11.99 a month or R119.99 for the year. I am still in the free trial stage so will see by the end of it if I decide to subscribe. Not a bad price though when you think you pay R35 for a magazine, and for this you are getting daily positive content on your phone that you can look back on too. I also like that you can share it easily to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp, which is great especially if you feel a friend would appreciate it.

If anyone knows of any other good daily devotion apps or even books, do let me know.

* This is not a sponsored blog post.


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