Blogs & Shops to inspire your Zero Waste Home & Life

If you, like me, are doing your best to live a more natural, greener life, producing as little waste as possible then you need to start following these blogs.

These have become my favourites:

Wellness Mama; simpler answers for healthier families. – I follow her blog for her awesome recipes on natural beauty products. Also posts on natural home, fitness, remedies, motherhood, kitchen sink and recipes.

Zero Waste Chef; no packaging, no processed, no waste. – delicious, frugal recipes for healthy eating.

Zero Waste Home; refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot (only in that order). – Bea Johnson and her family have taken Zero Waste living to awe inspiring heights. Great tips and inspiration.

Trash is for Tossers; say no to trash. – Lauren Singer is inspiring people to live a Zero Waste life. Useful tips and inspiration on her site.

I would love to find more great blogs about these topics; greener living, zero waste, natural living, living plastic free in South Africa and around the world.

I am also finding that there are lots of great products out there, but always in US, UK or Aus. Maybe I am just searching in the wrong places. Please do share any great places to shop, or suppliers that you know of. PopTop Set

Just some of the cool products I have discovered so far:

EcoJarz – turns a jar into a drinking cup

Onya weigh Bags – instead of plastic produce bags

Credo cotton produce bags – replaces plastic produce bags

Cheeky Wipes – replaces wet wipes, nappy wipes and san pads

Use these 100% certified organic cotton mesh bags again and again at the grocery store or farmers’ market –to replace the millions of plastic produce bags consumed each year.If you live in the U.S or are happy to pay postage, then Life without Plastic has absolutely amazing stuff! The best online site I have found in South Africa is Faithful to Nature – unbelievable service and great products.

Happy Zero Waste living people – it is SO much easier than you might think.

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  1. Great article, thank you! I’ve been wanting to reduce my waste and rubbish, so it’s great that you’ve given links to businesses where I can find all I need to help me do that! 🙂

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