Zero Waste Home Challenge just got real

Things are getting serious on the Zero Waste Home front. I admit, I am obsessed.

I no longer just take make a cup of tea with a rooibos tea bag. I make at least two cups of tea, place the tea bag in a consol jar of water on the windowsill, along with other tea bag friends, and use this water to water my pot plants and seedlings. When the water runs clear, I dry the tea bags out, stuff them in an egg carton, pour wax from old bits of candle ends over, and use them as firelighters.


Meet my new rubbish bin. Zero Waste Challenge = it is on!

Zero Waste Challenge

If it can’t be eaten, composted, reused or recycled – it goes in this jar. No waste. The beauty of having a jar is that it makes you totally accountable for everything you throw away.

When you throw something away, where exactly are you throwing it away to …..the ocean that you and your food swims in, or landfill, that leaches gases and chemicals into the earth that we live on?


  1. Challenge accepted! šŸ™‚
    My waste from the whole month of September fits into a small consol jar which is obviously way more than I would like but we’ll get there. Going to put it in an empty 2l bottle and eventually submit that as an eco brick.


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