Zero Waste Week : 7 – 15 September 2015

I have signed up for Zero Waste Week.  I have been trying to live a zero waste life for a couple of months now – I am not completely zero waste yet, but I am pretty darn close!

Zero Waste WeekWhy don’t you sign up?  Pledge to make a difference by reusing somehow.  For one week, really take note of what you put in your bin to be sent to landfill. A few Pledge ideas from the Zero Waste Week website:

  • Reuse shopping bags
  • Reuse foil for zero waste lunches
  • Reuse jars for storage
  • Take clothes to a textile bank
  • Reuse leftovers as ingredients
  • Offer items on Freecycle
  • Reuse blank paper for notes
  • Use a refillable bottle
  • Spread the word!

Well, for now, the date is in my diary, and I will think of something to do within their 2015 theme, REUSE. I am pretty much reusing everything in site, but I am sure I will discover something before the 7th September that I am not already doing.

If you aren’t already – get involved! It’s an awesome, refreshing lifestyle.


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