How to make homemade wet wipes

Want to know how to make homemade wet wipes without nasty chemicals and packaging, even if they are “biodegradable”, then read on …

We only ever use wet wipes when camping and occasionally in the car. To avoid all the wasteful packaging and nasty chemicals, I decided to make my own. From various blog posts I have read about this, apparently kids enjoy doing this, so if you have any of those and are too lazy to do this, get them to do it.

I had two old cotton sheets which were torn, so I borrowed a friends pinking scissors, so I didn’t have to sew them and I cut them up into squares.  If you are really smart you could not only sew them, but you couldn’t cut them into evenly shaped square, unlike me.  It is probably best not to give up on the pinking scissors (as they aren’t the quickest) after about 20 squares, then use normal sewing scissors to get it done quicker, then chuck them in the washing machine, as you will end up with a tangled mess of frayed squares.  Don’t do this, I tried it, and it then just means you have to cut the edges off all of those squares with the pinking sheers.  Sigh.

I used a recipe from Wellness Mama, because her website is full of recipes and you usually can’t go wrong.  You can find her recipe for homemade baby wipes on her website.

Tweak the recipe to suit what you like. Keep two small tubs (or big ones), mark one “clean” for the ones you have just made and the other one “dirty”. I used orange and geranium oil, and I did add the vitamin e and the almond oil. I think next time I might add a teeny bit more aloe, and a bit less of the Dr Bronners castile soap.

Will see if they pass the husband test, as that is obviously the ultimate test …

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