Natural Sunscreen in South Africa

Natural SunscreenLiving in a hot country like South Africa is awesome, but your skin can really take a beating if you don’t take precautions! I grew up when it was quite the norm to coat yourself in baby oil, put lemon juice in your hair and take a long walk on the beach or bake in the sun.  Needless to say that is not the norm anymore! I try avoid being in the sun in the middle of the day and now wear sunscreen on my face every day as my daily moisturiser.

We all wear sunscreen to avoid nasty skin cancer yet you only have to look at the ingredients of most sunscreens to see that they are jam packed with nasty harsh chemicals.

There is a lot of great information on the Environmental Working Group website about sunscreens.  Is your sunscreen in the Hall of Shame?!

I am now using a combination of the following, all from Faithful to Nature.  Prices ranges from R169 – R235.

Sunumbra SPF30 sunscreen

Sunumbra SPF15 daily sunscreen

Natural Lab SPF30 face cream

Oh-Lief Natural Sunscreen SPF30

The Sunumbra smells divine and seemed to stay on my skin for a long time, the SPF30 is much thicker and you have to give it a good shake and squish before you squeeze it out, whilst the SPF15 is thinner.  Sunumbra is rated 1 which is low hazard, by the Environmental Working Group.

The Oh-Lief, is proudly South African, waterproof, contains organic ingredients and CANSA approved. It also comes out the tube fairly thick, but is easy to spread and doesn’t leave a greasy feel.

The Natural Lab face cream is amazing, smells delicious and is so moisturising.  It is CANSA approved, water resistant for up to an hour and is not tested on animals. When you first put it on, it seems very greasy, but it absorbs really quickly, I found anyway.

See what you think, and I would be interested to hear if anyone has tried any different brands. There are many different types of natural sunscreens available from Faithful to Nature and if you spend over R350 then you get free delivery!




    • I am a fan of wellness mama, but I am not too keen on making my own sunscreen. I would personally prefer something approved for that. I use a lot less sunscreen that I used to, and I apply it sparingly.


  1. Have you guys tried Honey Shield!! It is very popular in the water-sports community, since it doesn’t come off in the water! Awesome stuff! It is tinted naturally so you don’t look ill when wearing it!


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