Should we rethink the advent calendar …

I recently read about about the Minimalism Game over at The rules are simple, for each day of November you need to rehome the equivalent number of items.  So one item on the first day, two items on the second day, three on the third and finally ending with 30 on the 30th. But the trick is – nothing can go to landfill, so you need to sell it, donate it, recycle it, compost it etc. They have a group on Facebook; Minimalism Game – Zero Waste Edition, where you post your photos.

We have already thinned out so much of our stuff, and I don’t really want to be a total minimalist, just a teeny bit minimalist! So as I read the blog post about it, I had a lot different thoughts in a very short space of time …

I don’t know if I can find around 450 items to rehome … without entering Erik’s man cave …

We do have things to get rid of though …

Maybe we can do it in December rather …

It is nearly Christmas, which is all about the spirit of giving …

We usually have an advent calendar (reusable wooden one) …

Maybe we can do it as part of our advent …

Why on earth do we fill our advent calendar with treats to give ourselves ?!…

We should give away …

Advent CalendarAnd soooo … as our countdown to Christmas, we will rehome items every day. I imagine it will mainly end up being books, stationery, clothing, accessories, some ornaments, but will see what we discover along the way. I notice some people getting rid of extra toiletries, and Going Zero Waste suggested to hand them out in packs to homeless people – great idea!? So some things could just take a bit of imagination.

Because I spent so much time painting my little wooden advent calendar, I HAVE to use it! I am going to fill it with an assortment of little mini notes of things we could do, verses, motivational quotes etc.

Aside from not being organised enough to post daily what we are doing, I really can not be bothered.  But I will keep track of it and update this blog with what we manage to do up until Christmas.

So many of us are already so privileged in our lives, and I am not trying to be scrooge or take the fun and joy out of Christmas.  Christmas is a time of giving, and I have started to reconsider how I give, and to who.  Do I really need to fill a stocking with a bunch of fairly useless items because they are fun, and then buy a whole bunch of other presents?  Or do I buy one reasonable thoughtful present, and use the extra time, energy and money to give where there is far more need?  Old age homes, orphanages, homeless people, underprivileged schools, animal shelters etc.

Anyone else going to join in doing this, or something similar?  You could get your kids involved, they could give a book or small toy away that they no longer use, maybe a bunch of old crayons?  Take them to an underprivileged school or charity and let them learn the warm fuzzy feeling of giving!

I am quite excited about this!


  1. Firstly, that calendar is beautiful! You should give it away…to…me. 😉 I’m attempting the minimalist game as well, but adapted. I live in a small town that is very spread out, so the rule of “it must be out of your house by midnight on the day” I think, for me, is going to be a waste of fuel because of where I’d have to take the stuff. I’m creating a pile instead, and every time I meet a friend I think of what I can give away to them. It is challenging, but also allows you to see those hundreds of tiny things you have that are insignificant. Good luck! Beware the man cave…*shudder*

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    • Yes we also won’t do it daily as such, similar reasons to you. Will store in a box to make efficient trips. Thanks for the kind words about the calendar – I do love it! Bought it in England / just plain wood then finally got round to painting it about 3 years later!


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