Minimising towards a life lived simply

I am slowly starting a new batch of changes in our lives and at home. Minimalism.
This doesn’t mean getting rid of everything and sitting on a white couch in a white room! It is about re-evaluating my life, discovering what is meaningful to me and thinning down so I can focus on those things. That is my interpretation of it anyway!
I have found some useful tips via Into Mind and The Minimalists.  There is a great piece put together by Into Mind called the 30-Day Minimalism Challenge. I am going to post these on Facebook each evening at 7pm, so you know what you have to do the next day.  Hopefully this will help as reminders and motivation to anyone wanting to join in.
minimalism challengeThe Minimalists have also put together some great info, called Our 21 Day Journey into Minimalism . I will share these each morning on Facebook at 7am.
Here is a summary of what is included in The Day-by-Day Schedule by The Minimalists:
Day 1 | Decisions
Day 2 | Planning
Day 3 | Packing
Day 4 | Essentials
Day 5 | Things
Day 6 | Fear
Day 7 | Relationships
Day 8 | Belief
Day 9 | Growth
Day 10 | Everything
Day 11 | Trash
Day 12 | Donate
Day 13 | Sell
Day 14 | Digitize
Day 15 | Reduce
Day 16 | Electronics
Day 17 | Car
Day 18 | House
Day 19 | Work
Day 20 | Health
Day 21 | Time
You might not have then need or desire to do ALL of these steps.  Just do what you can! You might want to do them but the timing isn’t right.  If that is the case, then decide then and there when is a good time, put in in your diary, and stick to the commitment you made!
I am looking forward to working through these.  I have no doubt that I won’t do them all, but I am going to try my best.


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