Raising funds for menstrual cups

UPDATE: 2/03/2016: Unfortunately the plans we had to assist the girls at a school in Eikenhof did not work out, but we are now going to be working with the Khaya Centre community in Eikenhof. We have now raised over R21475, and donations are still coming in via Riverside Church.  If you would like to make a donation, click here to view info and their bank details to make a donation.

UPDATE 20/01/2016: My amazeballs church, Riverside Community is now receiving donations for this, through their outreach team, BranchOut.

The JustGiving Crowdfunding Page has now closed at £160.


Imagine being an underprivileged young woman living in South Africa, without always having access to water and or electricity, and not being able to afford food, let alone tampons or even san pads.

Imagine not being able to go to school because you are having your period and you don’t have san pads. Some use rags as san pads … we won’t even go there on the hygiene issues, not to mention the embarrassment they must suffer.

For most of us, our biggest concern at this time of the month is what comfort food we need and convincing the other half to give us a foot massage. My heart goes out to these girls. So I am raising funds to buy menstrual cups from MyownCup Menstrual Cup. I found out about a school in Johannesburg South, through the outreach team at my church, Riverside Community. As part of a recent outreach they handed out san pads, and when I heard about this I suggested the cups. So I have started raising funds to buy menstrual cups for the high school girls.

jar and cup (Large)Within the next few days I hope to have a JustGiving Crowdfunding page go live, hopefully this will make it easier for you to share this with friends and family across the world. Foreign currency goes a long way!

We have been given a very special price purely for outreach purposes which is R150 per cup. Equivalent of approximately £7GBP, 10USD, 15NZD, 14AUD or 9EURO.

If anyone is interested in helping in the meanwhile, or has any questions, you are welcome to reach me via email or by phone.


  1. That’s awesome that you’re spreading the word. I think it is crazy that there are still places in the world where women don’t have the necessary hygiene products.

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  2. I love your initiative and I think it would work perfectly for Eikenhof. I myself was doing a lot of research on where these cups were made and got in touch directly with suppliers. Cups for the large quantity you intend to purchase can be sent directly the area at $5USD from these companies.
    Perhaps you should consider this option and you will reach your target easily?


    • Thank you Tabby. The company I have found is proudly South African, supporting only local companies in their entire production process. They are also offering us a cheaper price the more we buy too. The most important thing they offer is training, along with training material to educate the Life Orientation teachers. So the decision wasn’t based purely on cost per cup. Thank you for sharing this info though.


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