Everything you need to know about Milk Kefir

12108784_1501944896766068_1543391787172820207_nI absolutely love my kefir.  I have been having milk kefir and more recently water kefir every day and I feel great. If you suffer with candida overgrowth, this is the answer to your problems!

Kefir (Kee-fuhr) is a fermented milk drink which is jam packed with probiotics.

I am not going to write up all the info about it here. This is purely a blogpost of links to the websites of the experts, that I found super useful.

Cultures for Health in the States are super helpful and knowledge. Visit their site to read about milk kefir. If you don’t know anyone locally to get kefir grains from in South Africa, you can order online from Crafty Cultures. If you live near me – ask me! You can find kefir grains as well as kombucha scoby, water kefir grains and yoghurt cultures on Culture Exchange South Africa.

Here is a video from Cultures for Health:

Another great source of info is Donna Schwenk of Cultured Food Life, here is her video about milk kefir and it’s benefits.

You can also second ferment your kefir and flavour it with fruit and spices.  The second fermentation increases certain B vitamins like folic acid, and also makes calcium and magnesium more bioavailable. 12360346_1512096805750877_7493050088277415721_n

Information on making kefir cheese and dairy free kefir can also be found on the above sites.

My favorite is turmeric and ginger, sometimes with a dash of raw honey, blended into a delicious kefir smoothie. Here is quite a fancy recipe for a Sweet Turmeric Kefir Milk Smoothie from my friend, Restoring Health.




  1. do you use the same kefir granules to make water kefir? you just put them in water to store them instead of milk, after you’ve washed it?


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