Getting a grip on homemade toothpaste

UPDATE mid 2016: Funny to see all the transitions I made.  I now just use dry bicarb as a toothpowder.  I sometimes add just a few drops of peppermint, spearmint or tea tree essential oil to my jar then give it a shake. Less time wasted buying and mixing up different ingredients.

I blogged about homemade toothpaste a while ago, and I can honestly say I love it and will never go back to commercial brands. People are always asking me what recipe I use.

natural toothpasteI have tried all sorts! In my last post about it there were two options, both of which I really liked, and still do. When I first made the switch, people said just use straight bicarb, or just bicarb and coconut oil, but between the texture and taste – I just couldn’t do it!

That said, I am writing this post to say, use what you have, and what works for you. It is not an exact science, in my opinion. Try straight bicarb or just bicarb and coconut oil, your tastebuds might approve. If they don’t, then tweak to suit your tastes. Also, you will need to add more or less coconut oil depending on the climate, as coconut oil is liquid at temperatures above 20 deg. If you prefer a sweeter taste, maybe for children, add xylitol which has oral health benefits. If you prefer an earthier paste taste, add bentonite clay.

I am now putting some bicarb in a jar, mixing in organic coconut oil until I get a paste, adding a few drops of peppermint oil, that is it.

Here is a great article about brushing your teeth with bicarb and understanding the abrasivity of toothpastes.

Good luck and keep it simple!


    • That is great. I know some people have spoken to their dentists about this and I have read up a lot about it. I can’t recall whose blog it was on – possibly Inge of Gruenish? The article at the end of the post explains it well too. Good luck!


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