Camp Carlos, Mozambique

With cross border travels slightly impossible at the moment (thanks a lot Rona), we are really feeling that seaside pull. I have been reminiscing on our travels, scrolling through old photos on Facebook & Instagram as I lost ALL my photos as both my hard drives broke.  I decided to share pics from our past travels over the next few weeks.  Whilst we can’t travel right now, we can reminisce and dream!

In March 2016 we took a trip to Camp Carlos at Santa Maria in Mozambique, and a friend joined us there via Maputo. We had our honeymoon at Machangulo Beach Lodge in March 2015 and decided there and then this was definitely a spot worth returning to. The trip took us about 13-14 hours from Heidelberg where we were living at the time. That may seem far, but is a beautiful drive through the elephant reserve, and our holidays start on our driveway!

Camp Carlos is perfectly situated on the mainland of Mozambique, on the Santa Maria Peninsula, with Inhaca Island directly opposite.  This channel of water that rushes between the two, is known as Hells Gates, for a good reason!

Screenshot (19)

We booked the Beach House which is just metres from the waters edge, you could not ask for a better view.  The beach/bay just in front of Camp Carlos, is absolutely beautiful.  You have the protection of being in the bay, and set back a little from Hell’s Gate. You would still need to be careful of the tides though.  I was alone and standing in the water, not even halfway up my thigh, and the tide started going out.  It was like someone pulled the plug, and I really struggled to walk out.  It was a spring tide, so way stronger than usual.  Erik was out on his fishing ski and nearly got swept out too, was quite hectic!

What I love most about this spot is the diversity; you have the calm protected bay, where you can take trips out on dow boats to see flamingo, kayak across to the Inhaca Reserve to snorkel [just check those tides ;-)], take a walk to visit the Dow Bar and restaurant further into the bay.  Or, you can walk passed Machangulo Beach Lodge towards the coast line for beach waves and rock pools. We fished, snorkeled, kayaked, bananagrammed, read books and hammocked.  It was the bliss!

It has been a few years since we were there, and I am sure much has changed and sprung up.  But I would go back to this spot tomorrow if I could!

Some pics below from our time there.  Camp Carlos has been renovated so visit their page for more up to date photos and booking info.  Have you been to Santa Maria.

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