Menstrual Cups – complete life changer

I am just going to jump straight into what is going to be a pretty brief blog post. The punchline – stop using tampons or pads and start using a menstrual cup.

I have been using a menstrual cup for years.  When I was living in England, I bought a MoonCup, and the first 3 cycles were slightly awkward whilst I got used to the inserting, removal, and generally just “being” with a silicone cup … there.

I will NEVER go back. Two examples of many I can give you where the menstrual cup has been invaluable.  Because you naturally get your period when you go on holiday.

One weekend at our new small holding, without running water or flushing toilet and a serious ration of water because I forgot to pack enough. Menstrual cup – no problem.

Holiday at Mabibi with over 100 steps down to the beach from our campsite. Inserted cup in the morning, removed in the evening on our return.  Up and down those steps every 3-4 hours with a tampon; no thanks.

There are a few rather odd, in my opinion, reviews from women who mention the words gross and blood bath. Seriously, we are grown woman, it is bodily fluid, get a grip and move on.

I would choose using and emptying a menstrual cup, which will last me many many years, over having a tampon, (which unless you buy organic) has been made with cotton sprayed with pesticides and has potential to cause TSS (not a myth – this actually happens), and then flushing these millions of tampons down a toilet, or putting them in a bin for them to sit festering in landfill or better yet … wait for it … the sea.  Nice.

mooncupThere are a gazillion different options out there, I personally have the Mooncup, probably because it was the most advertised one I saw all those years ago. Which was probably around 2009, and it is still perfect.  For those in South Africa, there is the MyOwnCup which is produced locally. UPDATE:  I am now also using the MyOwnCup and I love it – I find the pull tab at the base more comfy than the MoonCup as it is flat and soft rather than a tube.

There is a group on Facebook called SA Eco Menstrual Solutions – worth joining to read tips and there are MANY suppliers across the country.sku5072-myown-cup-large




  1. I bought the Diva Cup last year and I am still trying to make friends with it. I have tried it a couple of times, but I just need to commit and get used to it until using it gets more easy, as you said. Otherwise I use Lunapads cloth pads, which are nice too, but that still requires me to use extra water to wash them. I have read some absurd reviews too, which can be discouraging to a lot of readers if they cannot get over the ick factor; which was not my issue, I just have to get used to the how-to of it.


    • Hi Nadine, thanks for the comment. I know what you mean, it took me about 3 consecutive cycles to get used to it and even then I still wasn’t 100%. There are some videos on the Mooncup website with tips on how to fold. For the sake of helping the menstrual cup movement I will go into some detail!! Try squatting, or try raising one leg onto side of bath or basin. You can also try folding it in half then inserting. Some cups advice pushing one side down, then folding – bit hard to explain. If you google folding methods they will come up. Once it is in, run a circle around it to ensure it has properly expanded. Lastly, give it a gentle tug down and have a little wiggle. For me, the squat and the little wiggle is the winner. Would love to be a fly on the wall when I do that! Ha haa! 😉


  2. The first month using my MyOwnCup was awkward and uncomfortable! I hated it and thought I wasted my money. The second month was a breeze! Where I struggled to get the thing in and out during the first month, everything went right the second month. (And, I’m ashamed to say, I nearly had a panic attack when I couldn’t get the cup out the very first time I used it. lol) But I’m so glad I didn’t give up then, I can honestly say now it’s THEE BEST purchase I have ever made.

    On the 30th April I did some geocaching with fellow cachers. The route we planned went all over Fourways, Muldersdrift, Lenasia, Centurion and Southdowns, We started met 4H30AM and cached till after 9PM, and approx every 2 meters we stopped, got out of the car, looked for the cache (sometimes over hills and in ditches and in trees, and through bushes) with only 2, TWO pit stops during the day. It just so happened that the 30th was smack bang in the middle of a really heavy, uncomfortable cycle, and I would NEVER have been able to do all that if I used tampons.

    Also, how does one go about getting affiliate links for cups?

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