Grooming – Then & Now

So back in May last year I wrote about some changes we were making in our lives towards the zero waste lifestyle.

We have come a long way since then!  In that things have gotten simpler, I over complicated so many things along the way. Which appears to be par for the course on the zero waste journey from what I have read.


May 2015 – Switching from nasty chemical filled body lotion to Trash is for Tossers Body Butter
May 2016 – Using either coconut, almond or jojoba oil.  Less faff on buying ingredients and making.

May 2015 – Switching from whitening toothpaste to Trash is for Tossers toothpaste and activated charcoal.
May 2016- still using coconut oil & bicarb but leaning towards straight bicarb.  Again – less faff and coconut oil.  My teeth are still white without using charcoal.  That stuff is hecticly messy.

May 2015 – Switching from Plax mouthwash to Wellness Mama’s mouthwash
May 2016 – Didn’t really use it.  I mix aloe gel, water and a few drops of spearmint, more for husband really.

May 2015 – Switching from sanex and dove soaps to Wellness Mama’s body wash
May 2016 – Bought Ouma Hannas Boerseep without plastic packaging in bulk. Less ingredient buying and making.

May 2015 – Switching from nasty chemical filled shampoos to combination of no-poo and Wellness Mamas natural shampoo
May 2016 – Too stressful so I use Natures Gate Shampoo & Conditioner (Dischem) and on home days a bandana. I sometimes use dry shampoo made from a mix of cocoa powder and maizena.

May 2015 – Switching from deodorant to natural deodorant
May 2016 – Using a homemade deodorant to avoid packaging of previous. But switching to alum stone which I used in UK years ago and was just reminded it existed. I am such an idiot.

May 2015 – Switched from tampons to MoonCup (fell off the wagon on this one but back on 100% and loving it)
May 2016 – Still using Mooncup and thrilled with it.

May 2015 – Currently using the Victorian Garden face wash and moisturiser (free of nasty chemicals and tubs last for months)
May 2016 – Oil cleansing with jojoba oil, exfoliating with bicarb or coffee grounds, and moisturising with rosehip oil.

May 2015 – Stopped wearing nail polish.  Literally thought I might die. But google the chemicals. Eish.
May 2016 – Still not wearing nail polish, love the look.  How much time does it take to put on, take off, wait to dry, chip, get annoyed because it’s chipped.  How much do manicures and pedicures cost and bottles of nail polish cost?  The chemicals you breathe in salon and that are absorbed. Oh please – ain’t nobody got time for that. I am too busy planning holidays and living life.

May 2015- Stopped buying perfume and really minimised use of the ones I had – a Long Barn spray and a Jo Malone from my wedding.
May 2016 – Still not finished them.  Don’t really miss it that much.  Again, the chemicals and links to cancer – no thanks. Now when I smell peoples perfume, all I can think is, those are quite likely carcinogens I’m breathing in. Nice.

Other changes I have made:

Due to lack of chemicals in our baths and showers, the water from these drains into a bucket and straight into the garden bed and lawn.

I don’t scrub every inch of my body with lathering soap every day.  I wash the important bits. Less soap is used, less time under water and less drying on my skin.

I have navy showers on the thorough days ie; switch water off between soaping, scrubbing, shampooing and shaving.

I don’t wear make up every day anymore, on the odd occasion I will wear a bit of mascara and eyeliner. I used to fear breathing without making on as I thought I looked like a beady eyed alien.  Now I think I look like me, and I am happy with that.  That said, I do sometimes wear a teensy dot of make up.  With recipes from the book Zero Waste Home (buy it – it’s amazeballs) I make my own eyeliner, mascara and beet stain. I use combinations of cocoa powder and maizena for blusher (also the beet stain) and eyeshadow. Will blog another time about that specifically.

I know longer use wax strips.  I use a stainless steel safety razor, which is amazing.  I am going to try the sugar wax that I read about via Zero Waste Home.

So that is pretty much where we are with this area. Saving a ton of money and time, no  nasty chemicals being absorbed into our skin, less packaging needing to be recycled or sent to landfill, and best of all, you start viewing yourself and life differently.

I buy my bicarb and oils from The Soap Barn in Edenvale (buy online & the courier) and from Dischem.

Would love to hear if you have any tips or advice, or if you are struggling in certain areas, maybe I can help?



  1. Great complete list of grooming choices! I appreciate the simplicity of all your choices. I have very sensitive skin so it’s always difficult for me to tell which ingredients my skin does or does not agree with 😦 By isolating ingredients, hopefully I can find natural recipes that work with my skin. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for such a comprehensive list of options and ideas! I love that you are feeling happier without make up and hope that when I start to finish mine I will be brave enough to avoid it too!
    Where did you find a safety razor? Would love to make the switch when my current blades are finished!



    • Glad you found it useful. I am really liking the eyeliner I made after reading about it in Zero Waste Home. I bought a safety razor from Sharp Edge, they have an online shop. Although, it is hectically expensive and I don’t know why I didn’t think to buy a second hand one – probably because I am a moron! If you in no rush, you could start searching for antique ones online, or even ask around. A friend of mine actually had a couple that were her dads! I am going to try make the sugar wax tonight … will see how that goes!


      • I’ll definitely start looking for a second hand one, thanks! I have seen the sugar wax recipe but must admit I was too chicken to try it! Please let me know how it goes? X


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