Reduce Waste to Landfill – South Africa

I created a group on Facebook called Reduce Waste to Landfill – South Africa, because I wanted a one stop spot for sharing tips on where & how to shop in SA to reduce waste. Also a place to share ideas and motivate each other, some might even choose to collaborate on various projects.

Whether you are a zero waste guru, or whether you have only just started using reusable shopping bags, whether you are vegan or a meat eater; all are welcome. It is only specific to South Africa.


💚 Share positive tips on what you do to reduce your waste.
💚 Share tips on good places to shop packaging or reduced packaging free.
💚 Share useful websites and articles on reducing waste.
💚 Share your relevant blog posts.
💚 Businesses can promote their page/product no more than once a week.
💚 Ask for advice.
💚 Be sure to check out the files tab for info on useful products and links.
💚 Be nice.


💙 Use bad language
💙 Make political or racist comments
💙 Post graphic pictures or videos
💙 No judgements of vegans, meat eaters, milk drinkers etc etc etc.

Spread the word and let’s all help each other reduce our waste to landfill and live healthier, happier lives in our beautiful country, South Africa.


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