Life Lived Simply Shop

Well, things have certainly been happening!  What initially started out as me ordering a bunch of EcoJarz straws and Abeego reusable food wrap, just to encourage South African’s to try reduce their waste, has now evolved into me offering a variety of waste reducing products! Whether you are a shop, restaurant/cafe or just wanting for yourself, do get in touch.

My shop is old school, in that I don’t have a fancy shmancy e-commerce site; people tell me what they want via phone or email and then they pay by eft.  Quite frankly, it works well.

What doesn’t work well is my actual shop page, so will be working on updating this to something easier to view – bear with me! Whilst having a bit of extra income is also nice, I am not trying to build an empire; I am passionate about encouraging and educating about the need to make changes in our lifestyles for the benefit of our health, wallets and most importantly our beautiful earth for generations to come.

Products available:

On the EcoJarz I offer a 15% discount for wholesale to restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. 17.5% discount for wholesale orders over 50.

Currently the order process is:

  1. Email your order to
  2. I will send you an invoice
  3. You pay by eft
  4. Send proof of payment to me
  5. I dispatch with The Courier Guy (R75 – R108) – or collect from Ballito
  6. You receive your parcel
  7. You are deliriously in love and so share the pics on Facebook & Instagram and tell all your friends
  8. Pat yourself on the back for helping care for our environment.


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