The Last Plastic Straw South Africa

Single use plastic straws.  Billions upon billions are ending up in our oceans, our beaches, our parks … everywhere!

Let us all do something so incredibly simple that will make a HUGE difference.  Let’s all remember to say “No Straw Please” when ordering drinks. If you really do fancy a straw then get yourself a reusable option, or choose paper of plastic, at least. The best thing you can do, educate your local restaurants and cafes on why they should stop serving straws.

There are many restaurants across South Africa who have already stopped serving straws.  Such as Afro’s Chicken – well done guys!

Let’s spread the word.  Share this post and #noplasticstraws.  I am not normally one for printing or paper handouts, because even though paper will biodegrade, it is still single use and a lot of resources are used to produce something that will just be thrown away! But I think this is a worthy cause.  Click here for some little double sided last plastic straw campaign cards you can print off and carry in your purse to give to restaurant owners and your friends. You could even screenshot them to whatsapp your friends!

Visit The Last Plastic Straw website for more information.  If your restaurant has already stopped serving straws – then sign up on their site and get yourself listed on their restaurant directory.

Tag your local restaurants and friends on a Facebook post, or send them the info directly.  There is also a note on Facebook you can share. Whatever you do, just spread the message, and remember to Refuse the Plastic straw!

Plastic Free July - Straws

If you still need straws, consider these alternatives, click here.

We CAN do this!


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