Reusable Straws in South Africa

Come on South Africa! Time to quit the single use straws. Let's spread the message. #zerowastesouthafricaUPDATED APRIL 2018

So there has been a lot of welcomed, positive hype surrounding the need to quit the single use straws.

Many restaurants have been getting involved in various ways such as quitting straws completely, only serving paper/plastic straws on request or only serving reusable stainless steel straws. I think it would be great for restaurants to actually sell these to their straw loving patrons!

Those of us who do occasionally like a straw for certain drinks can purchase our own to carry with us.  Simple! But best to teach our kids to sip & spoon not suck, that way that won’t find themselves needing to break unnecessary bad habits later in life.

I no longer import stainless steel straws! Because I get SO many enquiries, I decided to collate a list of places (with your help) so you can easily find where to get straws in South Africa. Please drop me a line if you know of any others. Sharing is caring!

Things to bear in mind, paper straws can be better than plastic straws, if they do not have a thin plastic lining. But it is still a single use item.  A lot of resources (water, wood, fuel, transport, packaging etc etc) goes into producing an item they will just be used once!

Many of the places listed below offer discounts to restaurants/shops on quantity.  Get in touch with them directly for info. Good selection on Faithful to Nature.


Immortal Straws – manufactured in South Africa

Whale Coast Conservation –  manufactured in South Africa

Foreva Straws – imported

SipStix South Africa – produced in South Africa


Stream Straws – manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa

ReStraws – in Johannesburg

Glass Sipper Straws – manufactured in South Africa


We Care Collective – imported

Monkey Straw Co – produced in Cape Town

Tru2Bamboo – produced in Cape Town


Khanyiso Straws – reed straws from Mozambique

PAPER STRAWS (not a fan – they still single use, but better option)

Cape Cup – imported biodegradable straws

Ecopack – imported biodegradable straws

You can join in:
– Share posters and info on social media.
– Remember to say “No Straw Please”.
– Speak to your local restaurant owners, politely explain why you decline your straw.
– Carry some mini paper cards to easily leave info with restaurant owners/waiters

There is a hashtag for that – use one – use them all! Download any of the images and share them on social media. A few more gathering here on Pinterest.

#NoPlasticStraws    #StopSucking   #Refuseplasticstraws





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