57 Chaka’s Cove – your KwaZulu Natal Getaway

Not at all zero waste related … but this is one of my other jobs …  57 Chaka’s Cove.  A little one bed self catering apartment which I rent out to people, like yourself, to create wonderful holiday memories on the North Coast!

57 Chaka’s Cove is a perfect holiday spot in Shaka’s Rock, cuddled between Ballito and Salt Rock, close enough to it all, yet away from the crowds. Set beneath a cluster of shady palm trees, with views straight along through the walkway to the Indian Ocean. Chaka’s Rock Beach is just a short walk across the road, onto the path and you will find yourself away from the crowds, protected by a rocky cliff and tidal pools teaming with urchins, corals and other sea life.

With Salt Cafe right across the road, you don’t have to go far for a leisurely brunch or sundowners. They are famous for their wood fired pizzas, so that is lunch or dinner taken care of! If you desperately need to get on-the-line, there is wifi available at Salt Cafe, but not at 57 Chaka’s Cove … because you are on holiday remember!

Just 120 metres up the road you will find Lol’s Food Fusions where you can enjoy delicious food and tasty cocktails under a canopy of fairy lights. They are also becoming known for live music nights and you can also catch the live rugby games here. In the same building as Lol’s you will find an FNB atm/cash machine.

Just 100 metres up the road from Chaka’s Cove you will find a laundromat, a liquor store and Shaka’s Rock Cafe. No need to brave the malls for those basic supplies. The cafe stocks all the usual convenience items; basic groceries, cleaning supplies, magazines, newspapers, charcoal, firewood, fresh bait etc.

Salt Rock Main Beach is just under one kilometres walk away. This is a great swimming beach with lifeguards. Near the parking area you will also find ladies selling the usual “beach buys”, such as buckets and spades, sarongs, grass baskets etc.

Thompson’s Bay Beach is also about a one kilometre walk from Chaka’s Cove. Thompson’s is famous for Charlie’s Pool, an olympic size tidal pool, great for snorkelling. The pool was built in 1962 by Charles de Charmoy, with the help of his son Roland, and it took seven weeks and approximately 2000 bags of cement to build it!

There is so much to do in the area too, such as tidal pool safaris with Tidal Tao or microlight flights with Ballito Microlight. If you get your timing right you might even catch a Litchi Orchard Market!

Everything you need, right on your doorstep, for a relaxing and rejuvenating coastal holiday. You can book your self catering accommodation at Chaka’s Cove, with us on AirBnb or if you are not an AirBnb user, directly by emailing me at chakascove@gmail.com.

57 Chakas Cove

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