Totsiens, Asblik

Thanks to Sune Van Heerden of MediHelp for this feature about the zero waste lifestyle, in their latest magazine. Click here to read the full article.



    • Hello Blanaid, these bottles are not for recycling. They are filled with non-recyclable waste, then projects collect them to be use to building small homes, classrooms or garden beds. They can be used as part of a cob building method. You can find more info on It is a great way to deal with unavoidable, non recyclable waste. But still should be used with care, and not become an excuse to continue purchasing/accepting single use packaging. There is a growing list of drop off points for these ecobricks across South Africa.


  1. Hi

    Thanks for article but could we please have it in English?

    Well done on doing something for our beloved country.

    Heather McCallum


  2. What a brilliant article, Colleen! It’s so exciting to see people become more aware and willing to make changes daily. There was a small article in our Overstrand newsletter too, also in Afrikaans, which is brilliant. Kleinmond is a very Afrikaans community and, although I can’t praat die taal pretty well, I’m a bit lost when it comes to tech words etc. so this will help me a lot in planning workshops and talks.

    One thing I find interesting is that, when people ask me what I’m doing (i.e. am I working) I’m never really sure how to answer. And when I do tell them, I’m frequently met with puzzled expressions!

    The zero waste pebble in the pond is certainly making waves




    • Thanks Sandi. My Afrikaans is also very bad – I certainly did not write that article! There was also an article in the Huisgenoot recently, that might be helpful to you. Look under Media on my site.

      You are promoting the zero waste lifestyle – best job ever!


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