Living Life Simply in Zambia

We have been in Zambia for 3 weeks yesterday, and I feel so at home here. Our house is pretty much empty, aside from a bed, two bedside tables, two couches, two camping tables and two camping chairs, as well as our kitchen stuff from our camping trailer, plus some extra stuff I squeezed in. Humbling to think that whilst we are sitting with what we refer to as the basics and glamping, whilst waiting for our container to arrive, we currently have so much more than most people round here have.

We are living at Nanga Farms, just outside Mazabuka, in a cluster of 7 houses, two of which are vacant and just one is occupied by another expat couple, which is Erik’s boss, and praise the Lord that his boss’s wife is awesome, otherwise that would have been awkward. Chuffed to have a new friend in walking distance. It is 28km (30 minute drive) to the small town of Mazabuka, and 100km (2 hour drive) to the outer edge of Lusaka.



As far as expat life goes, we are so spoilt here; we have a Shoprite grocery store, banks, hardware and agriculture stores, butchery, pharmacy. All basic but you can get whatever you need in town. We also have a 9 hole golf course, Mazabuka Community Church of around 50 people, The Mazabuka Club which has tennis and squash court, cricket pitch, a bar and pool and darts, as well as a communal hall for functions and Wednesday & Saturday nights various ladies take turns to put on a meal. If you have kids there is a really good school, Musikili. We also found out on the weekend that there is a coffee shop & deli opening up on the edge of town. Also just outside town we have a polo club. What more could we want!? Aside from wifi to be able to download The Archers?!

My social media accounts have had quite a break from the usual reposts of zero waste related content and straw free campaigns. Life Lived Simply is definitely turning into more of a lifestyle than a zero waste blog, so you can expect more gardening, birding, vegetable and cooking posts as well as general Zambian life and of course, how could we forget; #LifeofLucyBlack.

I have been keeping a little journal of our daily goings on since we left Ballito in South Africa, quite fun for us to look back on. Still deciding if I want to “blog it” or not, but for the time being here are some pics below for those who are not following me on Instagram and Facebook.






  1. Hi Colleen, I must have missed some posts – best wishes for a beautiful life in your new home and country. Take care, Anna


  2. I’m thrilled to find out you’re in Zambia. My childhood days living in Zambia were the happiest ever! So looking forward to following your posts and watching out on Instagram too! Enjoy the lovely locals. Very special people ❤️


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