5 things you can stop buying

Zero Waste South AfricaThere are lots of products that we always talk of quitting, such as single use plastic packets, takeaway coffee cups, single use straws, bottled water etc. But there are many others you can stop buying straight away, that you might find you actually don’t need to even replace.

If you stop buying these 5 products, you will not only reduce your waste, but it will reduce your carbon footprint, save you time by shortening your shopping trips, save you money, be better for your health & if you have kids, you will be teaching them good habits, not bad ones that they will need to later break!  All the wins.

  1. Air Freshener – open a window, bring in air purifying plants, or make a spray with natural essential oils if you must.
  2. Ear buds – use the corner of a facecloth. Do your research; the use of earbuds stimulate the production of more wax.
  3. Fabric softener – use some vinegar or nothing at all. Softeners create build up on the fibers of your clothing and contain scents/chemicals harmful to your health. You are not breathing in the scent of “Lily of the Valley”, you are breathing in the scent of chemicals.
  4. Cling film – place a plate on top of a bowl or use a lidded container or jar, or a tea towel. Wax wraps are a great transitional product, but they do not last, and they contain beeswax, when our bees are already under strain.
  5. Paper towel – use fabric cloths you already have for mopping up spills and wiping hands. You can even repurpose old items of worn out clothing into squares that you can store in an easy to access basket on your kitchen counter.

Whilst you are at it, have a scan through your kitchen and bathroom cupboards.  How many products are you using out of habit? Wet wipes, aluminium foil, paper serviettes, coffee pods, window cleaner ….  You will be surprised at the amount of other things you do not need.

You might find this post useful too – 5 Steps to start a zero waste journey.

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