Woods Camp at Lower Zambezi

We recently took a weekend break to Woods Camp at Muchuchili Safari House on the banks of the Zambezi.  This was such a perfect weekend getaway spot as it was just 2.5 hours from home and very affordable. I was so busy relaxing and enjoying the views that I didn’t think to take photos of the camp or facilities!

Woods Camp is a small campsite alongside the self catering Muchuchili House.  Woods Camp has absolutely everything you need; flushing toilets, hot water from solar geysers, a washing up area as well as a communal lapa.  Woods Camp is not in the park itself, but in the GMA, so you still need to be very aware of the wildlife, including lion and elephant, not to mention the resident hippo!

The camp opened in April 2018 and you can see much care and attention has gone into the building of the place. There are staff on hand to assist with cleaning up, should you need it, as well as lighting fires etc.

You can do all the usual Lower Zambezi activities from there, as there are two boats available. Fishing, sunset boat trip, full day boat and game drive in the park. Our guide, Brown, was fantastic, very knowledge and a pleasure to spend time with.  Yet again, all had a good chuckle at Brown & Black! Our surname always goes down a treat.

It takes over an hour to drive to the gates of the Lower Zambezi National Park, so a self drive day trip is doable if you have the time.  We chose to relax to the max and enjoy a poitjie, bananagrams, reading, fishing and of course, birdwatching for the first day.

The second day we took an afternoon boat trip up the Zambezi towards the park, for fishing and game & bird watching.  We saw elephant, warthog, kudu, buffalo, impala and about 2000 hippo!  We also had perfect timing as the Southern Carmine Bee-Eaters had just returned, we also saw Saddle Billed Stork, Fish Eagle, White Browed Coucal, Orange Breasted Bush Shrike, amongst many many others.  We watched the sunset from the river then headed back to camp, to find our camp fire was lit and awaiting our arrival.

Then all too quickly it was time to go home.  I highly recommend this spot for a quick getaway, especially at K70 per person per night to camp! Easy to get to from Mazabuka, particularly.  There is also the added bonus of an amazing Shoprite at Chirundu. You know you live in the sticks when you get excited by well stocked grocery stores!

If you feel like a treat and have a group of you, then Muchuchili Safari House would be amazing.  It sleeps 10 people and costs $660 per night, the house is furnished beautifully and has amazing river views, outdoor bathrooms and a swimming pool. It is definitely on the list!

More information on their  website or Facebook page.

*This is not a sponsored post, views are completely my own.

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