The start of our Zambian Adoption Journey

South LuangwaJust a few months ago we were taking a little leap off this boulder at South Luangwa.

Now, we are taking a huge leap, into parenthood!

On the 19th June 2020, our adoption application was submitted in Lusaka, Zambia. I was promised that parenthood would be my biggest adventure, and I think they were right. It feels that way and we’re barely off the driveway.

Adoption is not a plan B for us. We still intend having a biological child, if God wills it, we are not doing this as a result of fertility issues. We could very well end up with two babies at the same time! Lord help us if we end up pregnant with twins! We are SO excited, overwhelmed and slightly freaked out, in good ways!

If you are willing, please pray for us, our social workers, the baby that God has already selected to be our child, and for the birth parents of that child.

Let the adventure begin!

Finding My Forever Family

If you have questions about our adoption journey, or about adoption in Zambia, please feel comfortable to get in touch. We are learning along the way, and happy to share what we can.


  1. Wow, even though we don’t know each other I am very excited for you! I have just started the journey of looking to safe house this past month. I will be praying for you and your family and the social workers.


    • Thank you so much. What a great thing to do; the safe house. I am going to pray today for you for that. What a wonderful thing to do. I remember being the driver a few years ago, to get a child to a safe house and it was a very traumatic experience. Having a loving safe environment would make all the difference.


  2. I’m so happy for you guys. My husband and I adopted our third child in Mozambique when we were living there. The process was difficult but it was all worthy. Our girl has eleven years now and she is amazing 😃

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