The old life is gone, a new life has begun

What a joy to know that God has a plan for us, a new season.  A new life that will include one of His children, who will be entrusted to us!  That we will have the opportunity to embrace someone into our family, to call them ours, someone who might have already been born, and is out there waiting to be brought home, is quite surreal.

We cannot change our child’s beginning, but I am so eager to point this little one to Jesus. To show them that they are chosen, that they are loved, that they too are made new through Christ.  I am grateful that I have been made new through Christ, and that He will guide me every step of the way in our new life with our precious gift.

“This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person.  The old life is gone, a new life has begun!”  2 Corinthians 5:17

Hope Writers Community is hosting a 7 day writers challenge.  It started on the 11th January and I wasn't going to share what I have written, because of the usual "my writing is rubbish", "I have nothing useful to say", "bla bla bla", then I thought to myself, get a grip, practice makes perfect! The idea is you write about what ever comes to mind when you read the word prompt for each day. Collection here.

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