Dubai BC … Before Covid

January 2019, we decided to surprise my brother-in-law by going to his 50th birthday party in Dubai.  Annual leave is limited gold, and we did not have much desire to explore Dubai, and that is how we found ourselves flying to Dubai, from Zambia, for 3 nights! I now need to clarify, that I am referring to January 2019, when “just hopping on a plane”, was a relatively simple affair! Life before Covid!

The trip was more about spending time with family and seeing where they live and it was so great to do that.  Especially as I had only met his brother once, at our wedding, had never met the kids, but had met his wife a couple times growing up. Because, as these things happen when you are from a small town like Eshowe, Erik’s half-brother is married to my cousins cousin, who is the pretty much life long friend to Erik’s sister. Eshowe vibes. Always worth checking the blood lines.

Dubai was bizarre, I did not know what to make of it. It didn’t feel like real life? But it was great to see something so different. We wandered the markets, promenades and visited the beach. We came home with happy family memories, saffron, fresh dates, and a Red Vented BulBul sighting. You will spot him, only just, in the pics below. We also learned, in the coffee museum, that fresh black coffee and popcorn are absolutely delicious together. They truly are. Try it.


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