The Life Lived Simply Journal II

The second Life Lived Simply Journal; it’s been a joy to put together, and it has also been a scramble between naps & nappies, and visiting family.

Read the 2nd Life Lived Simply Journal here – all 50 pages of it!

There are times as I have been both dreaming and doubting, asking myself why on earth I am even doing this. But each time I am left with this overwhelming sense of “You are doing it for that one woman”.

By that, I mean myself; I am that woman, carving space in my day and in my life to be me, and not just Theo’s mom, or Erik’s wife. It is an honour to be both mom and wife, but above those, I am His, created with a unique purpose. That ‘one woman’ is also you. You might be the one woman to read one of our stories or tips and feel comforted, less alone, and encouraged to take that next step closer to Him. To live a life fully in Him.

A wonderful bunch of ladies have joined me in creating this Journal, and you will find out more about them in the first pages. In this edition, we have Catherine Wood and Kim Carr in South Africa, Abi Billings in Zimbabwe, Ilna Paalman in Netherlands, and Kim Lawrence and Gina Woolley in Zambia.

We have stories of moving homes and how these moves have impacted us and taught us more about God. There are recipes for your Easter table and activities for the whole family that help us keep our eyes on Christ. We also have plenty of other good things for you to feast on even after you have turned the last page of this magazine. Books to add to your reading lists, music and podcasts to listen to, and more.

This will be the last Journal for a short while as we switch to quarterly editions.

Feasts are about sharing and celebrating, so as we head towards Easter, reach out to one another – share a cup of tea, and a slice of cake, share your stories.

x Colleen

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