Colleen & Erik BlackI was born in Eshowe in KwaZulu Natal.  After moving about and spending 10 years in England, I moved back to South Africa and met my husband, Erik.

We lived in Heidelberg, then to Ballito before we moved to a farm on the edge of Mazabuka in April 2018, for Erik’s job, so we are Zambian expats for the foreseeable future, and absolutely loving it!

We have two dogs, Hamish & Lucy, the latter tends to make a regular appearance on Instagram. We are in the process of adopting our first child here in Zambia, and it is a journey that is teaching me so much about my own heart and God.

I work remotely doing the accounts for my small domestic & commercial cleaning business in England, which I started back in 2010. I fill my days with all sorts, and grateful that I am in the position to work remotely and have time to do what I enjoy.

I enjoy gardening, writing, reading novels, cooking, crocheting, planning travels, listening to The Archers (obsessed with all things British!), sustainable & healthy living, studying Gods word, embracing the uncertainty and adventure of expat life, birdwatching ….  I never get bored.  Ever! Only boring people get bored. Fact.

Find me on social media too – links in the top right menu; I tend to Instagram/Facebook more than I blog.

Hope you enjoy!

Colleen Black