A bit about me

Colleen Black
I carried a watermelon

I currently live with my husband, Erik and two dogs, Lucy & Hamish, in Zambia.  My “day job” is a small domestic & commercial cleaning business in England, which I started back in 2010.

We moved to a farm on the edge of Mazabuka in April, for my husbands job.  So we are currently Zambian Expats for the foreseeable future!

Gardening, reading, cooking, promoting the zero waste lifestyle, listening to The Archers (having lived in England for 10 years – obsessed with all things British!), discovering and learning more about my relationship with God, discovering new ways to reduce food waste, birdwatching ….  I never get bored.  Ever! Only boring people get bored.

I have many things on my To Do list but due to lack of priorities and skill it is slow going … such as sewing and embroidery … my talent does not lie in this area … yet.

Hope you enjoy my blog, it’s a bit of everything but mainly focuses on our zero waste lifestyle. Find me on social media too – links in the top right menu. If you would like to get an email whenever I update my blog, just click follow in the right hand menu.

Contact: mrscolleenblack at gmail dot com