Colleen & Erik Black

I was born in Eshowe in KwaZulu Natal.  After moving about and spending 10 years in England, I moved back to South Africa and met my husband, Erik.

We lived in Heidelberg, then nearly moved to our plot on the Vaal dam to create a smallholding, then unexpectedly to Ballito before we moved to a farm on the edge of Mazabuka in April 2018, for Erik’s job. So we are Zambian expats for the foreseeable future, and absolutely loving it! In Zambia, they would describe us as ‘movious’!

We have two dogs, Hamish & Lucy, the latter tends to make a regular appearance on Instagram. We are in the process of adopting our first child here in Zambia, and it is a journey that is teaching me so much about my own heart and God.

I own a small domestic & commercial cleaning business in England, which I started back in 2010, but my mother now does the day to day running of it. I fill my days with all sorts, and grateful that I am in the position to have time to do what I enjoy.

I enjoy gardening, writing, reading novels, cooking, crocheting, planning travels, listening to The Archers (obsessed with all things British!), sustainable & healthy living, studying Gods word, embracing (95% of the time!) the uncertainty and adventure of expat life, birdwatching ….  I never get bored.  Ever! Only boring people get bored. I do however at times get lonely, (been a life lesson to own this!) and so this blog and social media have been great to have ‘people’, whilst living away from people! We are in the process of adopting here in Zambia and so I hope that in the not too distance future we will have Baby Black to fill this house with fun & games!

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Hope you enjoy!

Colleen Black