FreshBag produce weigh bag

You know those really horrible, thin, single use plastic bags that you get on a roll in the fresh produce section of your local grocery store?  The ones that cannot be reused, that tear easily and are such a faff to even open? That transport your food for a matter of hours then end up in the bin and go to that place we call “away” aka landfill? Those days are so completely and utterly over.


All you need to do is order yourself some reusable FreshBags.  This fantastic company was started by Claire, and is just booming!  She is creating employment opportunities for ladies who sew these bags, she pays a living wage and is helping South Africans reduce their waste bags at a time. I love it!

The bags are made from a light, yet strong and durable mesh and measure approximately 26cmx24cm with an eye catching ribbon.

These bags are also great for buying dried beans, nuts, dried fruit etc from dispensers such as those in the Healthy Nibbles section at Food Lovers Market too.

This is one super easy and small change you can make that will have a great impact.  It also helps us educate those around us.  Many don’t realise the problem with single use plastic.  So when someone sees you using your FreshBag and asks why or where you got it – it is the perfect opportunity for you to say that you avoid single use plastic, because even if it is recyclable, it doesn’t mean it gets recycled.


Guys we can do this!If you have kids, get them involved.  Let them take ownership of the bags and use the opportunity to teach them the importance of valuing our food and caring for our environment at the same time.

Order yours now.  And don’t stop there, if you have a grocery store – why not stock these and give your customers the option to purchase in the fresh produce aisle.  Speak to the manager of the store, tell them how you love their store, but would love it even more if they stocked FreshBag!

Single Pack (2 bags) – R65
Double Pack (4 bags) – R130
Triple Pack (6 bags) – R180

How to order:

  1. Email your order to
  2. I will send you an invoice
  3. You pay by eft
  4. Send proof of payment to me
  5. I dispatch with The Courier Guy (R75 – R108) or collect in Ballito
  6. You receive your parcel
  7. You are deliriously in love and so share the pics on Facebook & Instagram and tell all your friends
  8. Pat yourself on the back for helping care for our environment.