MyOwnCup Menstrual Cup

Original MyOwnCup Menstrual Cup R200.


I am so excited to be selling this product.  I have used a menstrual cup for years and it is the absolute best, in my opinion.  I have blogged before about why I feel a menstrual cup is a complete life changer.

The material the menstrual cup is made from is 100% medical grade, and it is FDA approved. It is hypoallergenic and biocompatible.

There is a long list of Frequently Asked Questions on the MyOwnCup website, please refer to it.

  1. Sterilise the cup
  2. Wash your hands
  3. Fold the cup (various folding methods)
  4. Insert (safe for up to 12 hours!)
  5. Remove and empty
  6. Reinsert
  7. Sterilise at the end of your cycle and store in it’s container.

There are 3 sizes:

  • Petite cup  |  ml: light flow  |  For young girls
  • Original cup  |  ml: medium flow
  • Grande cup | ml: heavy flow

Most woman use the original cup, whether they have had kids or not.  If you have a very heavy flow, you might like to use the Grande. The diameter rim is the same size on the original and grande.

Please let me know if you would like to cover the cost of a cup for outreach.  Cara runs workshops where she trains underprivileged girls about their menstrual cycle and how to use the menstrual cups.  Girls miss out on over 50 days of school a year as they are unable to afford sanitary products.  For just R150 you can change a girls life!

Order process:

  1. Email your order to
  2. I will send you an invoice
  3. You pay by eft
  4. Send proof of payment to me
  5. I dispatch with The Courier Guy (R75 – R108)
  6. You receive your parcel
  7. You are deliriously in love and so share the pics on Facebook & Instagram and tell all your friends
  8. Pat yourself on the back for helping care for our environment.