An unexpected day trip to Rhodes

In March 2016, I tagged along on a work trip with Erik, from Heidelberg to Barkley East. When I mentioned to the farmer Erik was visiting that my cousin lived nearby in Rhodes, he insisted on lending me his car to travel there the next day. I couldn’t believe the generosity and trust, considering he had never met me before!

So the next morning I set off on a beautiful, winding dirt road to Rhodes, a journey of about 60km, taking just over 1 hour, to have a cup of tea and drive back! It was well worth it.

It is such a beautiful, quirky little village made up mostly of holiday cottages and about 20 residents. The hotel was closed and up for sale at the time, not sure what the latest is on that.

We took a walk around the village, which didn’t take long, and these are the only few photos I took. I would have loved to have spent a few nights there, but time did not allow.

Jill Steynberg runs Rhodes Cottages, a holiday cottage rental company, and her husband Fred, runs Linecasters, guiding fresh and salt water flyfishing trips, both locally and abroad. Rhodes is spectacularly scenic and peaceful, and surrounded by famous fishing spots. Fred grew up in Rhodes and Jill has lived there for over 25 years, so I’m not sure you would meet anyone else who knows the area as well as they do! 


I think this is definitely a spot for a South African getaway; flyfishing, hiking, cycling, skiing or just relaxing, there is something for everyone. Also, enough little cottages to accommodate groups of family and friends.

This doesn’t really count as a holiday memory, but I found these pictures on Facebook and figured it was a spot worth sharing!

Have you been to Rhodes?



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